Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight #8A
Dark Horse Comics
In Collection
No Future For You, Part Three
November 2007
Comic  Modern Age $2.99
Read It: Yes 36 Pages

Dispatched on one last mission as a Slayer, Giles has sent her to assassinate a rogue Slayer who he claims will be the end of all life. But Faith has encountered the last complication she thought she'd ever run into... she likes the girl. She and Genevieve have more in common than Faith has had with anyone in a long time.But this blossoming friendship leaves her in an impossible position... as Genevieve plans to kill Buffy. If she does nothing, she allows Buffy to die but saving Buffy would expose her to Genevieve.
Writer Brian K. Vaughan
Penciller Georges Jeanty
Inker Andy Owens
Colorist Dave Stewart
Letterer Albert Deschesne, Richard Starkings
Cover Colorist Jo Chen
Cover Artist Jo Chen
Editor Scott Allie
Willow Rosenberg
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Buffy Summers)
Faith Lehane
Genevieve Savidge

Product Details
Genre Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Action
Color Color
Country USA
Language English

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Collection Status In Collection
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